Brother-and-sister duo Georgia and Caleb Nott are the musical force behind Broods. With their single Free getting plenty of airplay on radio, the siblings are embarking on an Australian tour this July, including venues in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Here, Georgia chats to Travel Insider about all things music, jet-setting and touring from her current base in Los Angeles.

Which city are you most looking forward to touring?

We’ve always had really cool experiences playing in Australia. I love playing at the Forum in Melbourne, it’s such an awesome venue, but I love playing in Brisbane and Sydney as well. I especially love staying in Sydney, in particular Surry Hills. It’s so quaint and cute and has some really cool cafés, bars and shops. I like exploring the many little boutiques.

What’s one New Zealand spot everyone should visit? 

Because Christchurch has been rebuilding itself for so long [following the 2011 earthquake], that it’s got some really cool corners to it now. There’s this really cool bar called Strange’s Lane – it’s not too crowded but it’s still happening.

Where’s the best place to eat in Los Angeles?

There are such awesome sushi places around here. I love Katsuya; it’s the best sushi I’ve ever eaten.

Where do you get your morning coffee?

In Los Angeles I go to this place called PCP, which funnily enough, is run by an Australian dude. It has awesome food and coffee. They also do a Vegemite and butterscotch milkshake that I’m yet to try…

Where’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

The Netherlands. My mum is Dutch, so we went over and saw where she grew up. I’m just holding out to go there again! It’s such a beautiful country .

What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever performed?

Hong Kong. We played at this festival and I think the fact that we had no idea what to expect from the crowd, and the crowd then being really awesome, made it amazing. It’s always a bit scary but that was such a cool show – the stage was facing the water and the sun was going down while we were playing.

What’s your favourite city to visit? 

Tokyo. We crammed so much into the two days we spent there. It’s such a different kind of culture. We did karaoke, went to a cat café, went to Shibuya and to Harajuku. I didn’t sleep that much when we were there because we just wanted to do everything!

What are the top five things you won’t leave home without?

Boring stuff that you need. I like taking all my documents in a passport wallet and obviously you need a universal adaptor. You have to have lip balm, a face mask and an eye mask for on the plane.

Which songs are on your inflight playlist?

I put all my relaxing, quiet songs into a playlist so I can just look out the window into the clouds and be really calm. Every single slow song by Ben Howard and lots of Laura by Bat For Lashes. The kinds of songs that just make you happy.

The last book you read on a plane?

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book on the plane! I just watch movies and listen to music.

Do you get to the airport early or late?

Early. If something holds us up and we don’t make the flight, it has a very, very disastrous ripple effect. We’d be like, “So… our show is cancelled because we missed our flight.” That would not be a good conversation to have.

The best thing about flying is…

You get to see the world from a completely different view. I remember the first time flying into LA, it was summer and the sea was completely golden. Those sorts of moments that you get nowhere else apart from when you’re on a red-eye flight and waking up to a sunrise in a new city really stick inside your mind.

Broods’ new album Conscious is out June 24

Top image: Renata Raksha

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