Jamie Lawson’s star continues the rise. The British singer-songwriter was the first signing for Ed Sheeran’s label, Gingerbread Man Records, and has shared the bill with acts such as Turin Brakes, Ben Howard and Ellie Goulding. His self-titled album was released today and features the double-platinum single Wasn’t Expecting That. Here, Jamie shares his favourite travel spots, his inflight playlist and what it’s like working with Ed.

What can we expect from your debut album?

Songs of love sung with love – something warm you can take comfort in, like a duvet, a big musical duvet.

How has it been teaming up with Ed Sheeran?

It’s been great. He’s pretty hands off; he let me get on with making the record I wanted to make, but when I needed advice he was there and his advice was always spot on.

When you tour Australia is there any spot you’d love to visit before you leave? 

I haven’t seen much of Australia yet. This will be my second visit and I don’t think I’ll get to see much of it this time either. I’m not complaining, the whole point of coming is to sing to people I haven’t met before. It’s a beautiful thing to do. That said I’d really like to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

I grew up near Cornwall in the UK and the beaches and the scenery there are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere in the world. I got to go to Bermuda last year and that was very beautiful.

What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever performed at?

Croke Park, Dublin. I got to open for Ed Sheeran on one of his stadium shows – 82,00 people!

What’s your favourite city to visit and why?

Dublin is always good fun, good music and lovely people. I really liked Brisbane as I got a few days off there last time I visited Australia – the people are nice there too. Anywhere with good people and good music is a good place to visit.

Tell us five things you won’t go on a trip without.

Guitar, book, iPad, headphones and sunscreen.

Which songs are on your inflight playlist?

There’s far too many to list here but anything calming. I’m more of an album person than a playlist person. Mid Air by Paul Buchanan, the singer from The Blue Nile, is brilliant. The latest Elbow record, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, is their best yet and I haven’t stopped listening to it. There’s two for you, both with a flying theme.

What’s the last book you read on a plane?

The Cider House Rules by John Irving. I think it’s the fourth time I’ve read it and he’s probably my favourite author. I just read Fall Of Giants by Ken Follett, which I really enjoyed too. 

Do you get to the airport early or late?

I’m very much midway. I don’t like to hang around too much and don’t want to rush either.

Aisle or window?

I used to be window person until I realised I annoyed people by getting up all the time. From now on I’m aisle all the way.

The best thing about flying is…

The landing safely somewhere else in the world, wherever it is.

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