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Tel Aviv has many diversions for travellers, including the winding alleyways of Neve Tzedek and the prominent German Bauhaus architecture. We've rounded up the best things to do in the city.

Sunday shopping

Go to Charles Clore Beach, in south Tel Aviv, on Sunday when the locals are back at work and bask under the sun. Then, head to Shabazi Street in Neve Tzedek, a 10-minute walk from the beach and explore the city's trendiest stores. Here you'll find locally-made jewellery, clothing and trinkets as well as plenty of cafes and restaurants to unwind at . Among the designer boutiques is Anita, an artisanal ice-cream parlour with a tiny shopfront and more than 150 flavours to choose from.

Lost in the past

Jaffa in Tel Aviv

Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s southernmost neighbourhood, was variously conquered by an Egyptian pharaoh, Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Crusaders, Napoleon and the Turks so this ancient port has seen many thousands of years of turbulent history. It’s best not to take a map. Instead, lose yourself in the intricate maze of historic mosques, synagogues and churches interwoven with contemporary artists’ studios, galleries, theatres, cafés, markets and restaurants.

Contemporary dance

Meander through the alleyways of Neve Tzedek, one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighbourhoods, finally stopping at the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre. It’s home to the world-renowned Batsheva contemporary dance company and presents a packed schedule of performances throughout the year.

Brilliant Bauhaus

Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tour the UNESCO World Heritage-listed White City, a collection of some 4000 Modernist buildings constructed in Tel Aviv between the 1930s and ’50s. The German Bauhaus architecture and design movement converged with the ethos of Israel’s founding and these white houses emerged from the sands.

Modern art

Tel Aviv Museum of Art focuses on contemporary art, led by a group of edgy curators who want it to be a place that challenges thought. Upcoming exhibitions include My Name is Maryan, a colourful celebration of Polish-born Jewish artist Maryan S. Maryan's life and creative journey through Poland, Auscwhitz, Jerusalem, Paris and New York.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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