Wi-fi is Now Available on Domestic Qantas Flights

Wi-fi on Qantas flights

Inbox zero. Does this elusive state of email management truly exist? How does one make time to actually get there?

Well, the next time you catch a domestic Qantas flight, you’ll be one step closer to achieving it. All you need to do is log in to the in-air wi-fi.

Free wi-fi is now available on even more domestic Qantas Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 flights – just look for the wi-fi icon to the right of the door as you enter the aircraft. As well as giving you the ability to whittle down your inbox, the wi-fi portal is your first stop for everything you could want to know about your flight and your destination.

Weather forecasts, accommodation and transport options, flight data (such as predicted arrival time) and a slew of personalised recommendations, hotel reviews and activity suggestions for when you disembark the aircraft will be available on the wi-fi landing page.

Qantas wi-fi

Looking for where to find great coffee in Melbourne? A last-minute stay in Perth? Or where to book an impromptu breakfast meeting in Sydney? It’s all waiting for you before you touch down.

Plus, once your work is done, you can continue your Game of Thrones binge thanks to several media streaming choices. Customers receive three days of free access to Foxtel Go; a 30-day free trial of Netflix for new customers; three months’ unlimited access for new Stan subscribers; and a 30-day free trial of Spotify Premium.

And with a system capable of 12mbps per device – that’s around 10 times faster than conventional in-flight wi-fi – you can continue to watch movies and music using your own subscriptions as you power through your to-do list.

All you need to do is use your wi-fi enabled device to log into the wi-fi portal using your name and seat number. Let the bingeing begin!

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