Elle Ferguson, entrepreneur and co-founder of fashion blog They All Hate Us, reveals how she runs her successful business on the road.

As one half of wildly successful fashion-blogging duo They All Hate Us, Elle Ferguson knows that putting your best foot forward is all-important.

Presentation is Everything

You don’t parlay a love for fashion into a huge social media following and your own line of self-tanning products without serious business acumen. For Ferguson, the key to her success is attention to detail. The Sydney local says she never walks into a meeting underprepared.

“You can’t afford to rest on your laurels, which is why I’m so big on doing my research,” she says. “I look at key competitors – what they’re doing well and what they could be doing better – to learn as much as possible so I can speak confidently about the market.”

Your Office Is Wherever You Are

With two successful businesses and a fan base in multiple continents, Ferguson spends almost as much time on a plane as she does at home in Sydney’s Bondi. Her nomadic lifestyle means the offices for They All Hate Us, the fashion blog she runs with friend Tash Sefton, and Elle Effect, her line of self-tanning products, are completely mobile.

“I might be in Los Angeles one week and Byron Bay the next but my business is never disrupted,” says Ferguson. “Having my laptop means I can work out of a coffee shop or hotel room or from the set of a magazine shoot – anywhere in the world!”

It's an Always-On World

An “always-on” approach to business is essential when you’re working across multiple time zones. For Ferguson, that means being plugged in day and night.

“My fan base extends across Australia and America so my laptop is constantly by my side,” she says. “Whether I’m replying to emails or direct messages on Instagram, I never take longer than 24 hours to respond. That’s a policy I live and die by.”

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