Madam Woo is the sort of place you can take your kids and not be embarrassed if they’re a bit boisterous. The spacious, brightly lit restaurant has an Asian-food-court feel, further amplified by the Malaysian-style hawker fare on the menu. Fluffy roti canai is accompanied by sweet and sticky pulled pork – but instead of being served side by side, the pork is lumped over the roti – perfect for the kids to roll up and devour. Make sure you try at least one dish from the menu’s Leong’s Family Favourites section – a selection of chef Jane Leong’s mother’s recipes.  Our favourite is the fall-apart beef rendang – slow cooked and served with nasi lemak.

Madam Woo | 5 The Mall, Lower Ballarat Street | +64 3 442 9200 

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