What To Do In Fiji – According to Qantas Frequent Flyers

Fiji Marriott resort, Momi Bay

With its azure blue seas, soft white sands and more than 330 islands and atolls to explore, it’s no surprise that Fiji is a favourite amongst travellers. Here, we speak to  three Qantas Frequent Flyers who recently returned from Fiji to get the low-down on one of the world’s hottest destinations – including where they stayed, where they swam, and how they spent their days relaxing. 

“Fiji was the perfect honeymoon destination” 

Honeymoon, Tokoriki Island Resort, Fiji

Floating bars and private picnics: Fiji was a dream come true for Sydneysider Isabella Bernardi. 

“My husband and I had our honeymoon in Fiji. We flew Qantas which was a great experience. It was a super-quick flight and I remember being impressed by how delicious the food was. 

“We stayed at Tokoriki Island Resort which was heaven. Our little villa was right on the beach so I swam in the ocean at least four times a day. It was such a relaxing trip where you just picked what you wanted to do each day. 

Isabella Bernardi and husband, Tokoriki Island Resort, Fiji

“We got a boat across to Cloud 9 which is a bar in the middle of the ocean and ate incredible woodfired pizzas. On another day, we took a half-hour boat trip to a private island for a beach picnic. There was no one else around and the staff set-up a beautiful area where we ate green papaya salad and cheese. We also did a guided snorkelling tour where we saw so many turtles and lots of little ‘Nemo’s’ [clownfish]! It was the most relaxing trip.” 

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“I just can’t fault Fiji for families”

Harmony Behr and family, Vomo Island Resort, Fiji

For fellow Sydneysider Harmony Behr, Fiji provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxed family vacation. 

“This was our third trip to Fiji as a family of four and it was just perfect. We flew into Nadi and spent three nights at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa. We always like to spend a couple of nights on the mainland at the beginning of a trip to decompress and get into the swing of holidays. 

“We then caught a boat to Vomo Island Resort where we stayed for seven nights. Everything about it was perfect. As a mum, I got a proper holiday, which doesn’t always happen! There was no food prepping, shopping, cooking: it was just a proper relaxing holiday. 

Harmony Behr and family, Vomo Island Resort, Fiji

“Our days were centred around sun, snorkelling and eating – they were the hardest decisions I had to make! The kids would often go to Kids Club and one of my sons loved it so much, he was actually in tears when we got back home because he missed the buddy he met there. 

“It was just such a relaxing trip. I even read two books (two!) which is crazy because I never have time to read. I honestly can’t fault Fiji as a holiday destination for families; it’s perfect.” 

“We were able to completely switch off”

Fiji Marriott resort, Momi Bay

For Katelan O’Shea and her partner Jack Jennings, a trip to Fiji was the ideal holiday after two years without international travel. 

“My partner Jack and I were so excited to use our passports again after so many years in lockdown. We wanted a destination where we could literally do nothing each day – we just wanted to sip cocktails and sit by the pool. Fiji absolutely fit the bill. 

“We flew with Qantas which was great, the staff were so lovely and I forgot just how quick the flight would be. We spent two nights at the Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay where our villa had its own private lagoon. We then spent three days at the Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa which was beyond incredible. We stayed in an adults-only section where there was cocktail hour by the pool each evening; I made sure to order the mangorita (a margarita with mango puree) every day.

Waitui Bar & Grill, Fiji

“The Sofitel had a number of places to dine but we became obsessed with Waitui Bar & Grill – the steaks there were so ridiculously good that we ended up eating there every evening. 

“It was so nice to hear a mixture of accents while we were away. There were lots of Americans and Europeans (and of course, Aussies) so the vibe was just so nice – everyone was excited to be travelling again.” 

Relax on palm-fringed beaches, visit colourful temples and tuck into local dishes at the food markets. Start planning your island escape and find flights today.

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Fiji Marriott Resort, Momi Bay

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