The food here is fabulous – and unusual. It started as an offshoot of Tartine Café but is now run as a separate business. It describes its cuisine as New American (the menu varies seasonally) but its influences are earthy East European. The potatoes are spectacular, the trout is delicate and there are great rye breads, lentils and dried beef. Even the cocktails have that east European flavour and their kvass (a fermented Eastern European beverage) is made from beetroot and rye scraps. Well worth the splurge. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays.


A traditionally Latino suburb, famous for its murals, the Mission is the epicentre of many of the city’s newest hip bars and restaurant. It is also being challenged by the eviction of Latino families who have lived there for decades. You’re walking through a lot of complicated history and need to be respectful.

Bar Tartine | 561 Valencia Street, Mission | + 1 415 487 1600



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