The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world’s most beautiful and you can walk across and back in a bit over an hour (it’s close to 3km each way – but remember it’s a long way from Golden Gate Park). Painted an orange vermillion, it’s very dramatic against the green of the headlands (the colour also provides enhanced visibility for ships). And the fog that often hovers near the top of the bridge just adds to the visual drama.

You can get a bus straight there and walk over it if you’re pressed for time but that north-eastern point of San Francisco is very lovely and worth the hours if you have them. If you’re feeling adventurous take the terrific walk around Land's End. It can be as long or short as you like but the best choice is a 13km section of track that takes you past the Old Sutro Baths, Cliff House, through the Presidio and to the beginning of the Golden Gate Bridge.


At the northern end of the city, Land’s End is one of the most historic parts. Sometimes it feels almost rural and contains many of the oldest sights in San Francisco. It’s more than 10km from Downtown.

Image: Tom Hilton


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