When Stitch started six years ago, it was three friends making shirts out of their apartment for their friends. Then it was for friends of friends. Then they moved to pop-ups and now they have two shops. Every Wednesday morning Taylor Stitch releases a new design for its collection and makes custom shirts with good fabrics for even better prices. There is no seasonal collection as such, more a varied one. Taylor Stitch has also moved into jackets, including canvas and waxed cotton. Each collection is unique, designed in San Francisco, limited in number and (usually) manufactured in California. Stitch has also moved into women’s wear, though these can be found only at the Marina store.

Taylor Stitch 
383 Valencia Street, Mission | + 1 415 621 2231
2030 Chestnut Street, Marina | + 1 415 757 0547

Image: Taylor Stitch 


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