The Chinese restaurant that many are flocking to these days is not in Chinatown but on Mission Street. It’s just fabulous. After jotting your name down on a pad outside the door you don’t have to wait too long to get a table. The wine, cocktails and beers are fine but the food is outstanding. If you’re a meat-eater go for the squid-ink noodles and lamb, or the bacon cakes. The vegetarian options are varied and excellent, including the Ma Po Tofu and the Forbidden Fried Rice.


A traditionally Latino suburb, famous for its murals, the Mission is the epicentre of many of the city’s newest hip bars and restaurants. It is also being challenged by the eviction of Latino families who have lived there for decades. You’re walking through a lot of complicated history and need to be respectful.

Mission Chinese | 2234 Mission Street, Mission
+ 1 415 863 2800




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