Japan Town has many of the best spas in San Francisco and Kabuki Springs and Spa is the best of the best. It’s a clothes-off communal affair on alternating days for men and women (if you want to go on a co-ed day, you need swimmers). The décor is heavenly and the steam room and sauna are large, clean and the best we have ever been to. A range of waters, herbal teas, cucumber slices, ice, lemon and salt sit to one side of the spa for you to drink or apply to yourself in whatever fashion seems fitting. There are lounges to rest on throughout so you could easily spend half a day or more here. Kabuki is very popular so you need to book ahead even if all you plan to do is sit in the communal baths for three hours. But the various beauty treatments and massages are also heavenly. If Kabuki is booked out try Imperial Spa.


Japan Town is a historical area that has been largely redeveloped and may, from a distance, appear to have lost some of its charm. But don’t let appearances deceive. The Japan Centre (japancentre.com/en) is full of wonderful specialist shops and the Kinokuniya building alone is home to the Kinokuniya bookshop, stationery specialists and very authentic Japanese meals and snacks.

Kabuki Springs and Spa | 1750 Geary Boulevard | +1 415 922 6000

Image: Paul Dyer



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