Considered by some to have the best sushi in the city, Ichi Sushi + NI Bar is stylish, whips up a great cocktail and serves a fantastic Japanese-style brunch. The decor is striking – fresh, fun and contemporary. A bit off the beaten track, this pace is really worth making your way south for. While you’re there you could check out a couple of the divey, kind of fabulous cocktail bars down the street – Virgil’s or El Rio. If Ichi is full or you get a hankering for pizza, head across the road to delicious, casual, family-friendly and fun Pizza Hacker.


Bernal Heights and La Lengua are traditionally working-class areas south of the Mission. Up and coming but thankfully not yet overrun.

ICHI Sushi + NI Bar | 3282 Mission Street, La Lengua/Bernal Heights
+ 1 415 525 750

Images: Alanna Hale

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