Even if you’re a carnivore, this vegan Mexican restaurant is a stand out and there isn’t anything on the menu one couldn’t recommend. It’s a combination of salads and traditional Mexican dishes, all made with organic seasonal produce. You feel so healthy eating it you have to drink a couple of pale ales or a cocktail to offset the situation. As with a lot of San Francisco restaurants, expect a line on Friday and Saturday nights. It also does brunch on the weekends and is family friendly.


A traditionally Latino suburb, famous for its murals, the Mission is the epicentre of many of the city’s newest hip bars and restaurant. It is also being challenged by the eviction of Latino families who have lived there for decades. You’re walking through a lot of complicated history and need to be respectful.

Gracias Madre | 2211 Mission Street, Mission | + 1 415 683 1346


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