This cocktail bar is so hip that reviewers keep making snide comments about it. Then they concede it has the best cocktails going. And it does. The menu changes regularly but Trick Dog copes just fine if you go old school and want a negroni or martini (though they favour them wet) and their seasonal specials are delicious. The Hacienda de Chihuahua was our favourite when it was on the menu – Sotol, raison liquor, oatmeal and lemon. Trick Dog gets very crowded and exuberant, as befits a cocktail bar, so going mid-week is the best way around the crazy.


A traditionally Latino suburb, famous for its murals, the Mission is the epicentre of many of the city’s newest hip bars and restaurant. It is also being challenged by the eviction of Latino families who have lived there for decades. You’re walking through a lot of complicated history and need to be respectful.

Trick Dog | 3010 20th Street, Mission | + 1 415 471 2999

Image: Allison Webber 


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