Often overshadowed by popular thrill rides like Space Mountain, Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror isn’t just one of the best drop rides in the world but it’s also incredibly immersive and nail-biting. Before the famous 13-storey drop, riders are taken on a tour of an old hotel, spooky hotel – which may sound a bit pedestrian but not when you witness a room transforming into a fifth dimension.

The ride really leaves you guessing when the drop happens, with a few gasp-worthy teasers along the way. Keep your eyes open as you drop, as the elevator doors will open for a flash to give a glimpse of the park from up high. The drop doesn’t just rely on gravity – there are additional forces pulling the cart down and you’ll definitely rise out of your seat. The first Tower of Terror opened in Florida in 1994, followed by versions in Disney parks in Tokyo, California and Paris. 


The original Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride is located in the Disney Hollywood Studios section of the Walt Disney World Resort, just outside Orlando. You can enter Disney Hollywood Studios with your general admission pass but take note of the Park Hopper option as some tickets only allow you to visit one park per day. 

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Disney Hollywood Studios, Florida





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