This casual, newly renovated outdoor eatery briskly serves the long line of tourists and residents waiting for some of the most famous burgers on the East Coast. There are now 14 Shake Shacks in New York, including one at JFK airport, but there’s something more charming about this first location, snug in the southeast corner of Madison Square Park. Of course, fries, hot dogs, frozen custard and shakes are also on offer but the can’t-miss Angus beef patties (and the vegan-friendly, cheese-filled Portobello ’shroom burger) are why everyone, including you, will brave the line. Pro tip: prepare your tastebuds by checking out the ever-changing Custard Calendar online.


The Flatiron District, named for the iconic skyscraper on 5th Avenue, provides both a cross-section of Manhattan (office buildings and public transport abound) and a respite from the hustle and bustle, care of the gorgeous Madison Square Park.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park (near Madison Avenue and East 23rd St.)
+1 212 889 6600

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