The Australian artist, whose works have been snapped up by everyone from Kanye West to Vera Wang, reveals what she loves most about her adopted city of New York. 

“There is something really extraordinary about living in a city where there are limitless distractions and activities. There are also tranquil areas in abundance. I spend most of my time on my own (and get my energy this way) but somehow like being surrounded by crazy colour and sounds.”

Her favourite restaurant…

“There is a New York landmark in Soho called Balthazar (80 Spring Street). I love this restaurant because it is always so busy and there is such an energy going on. People want to be there, to ‘see and be seen’. The food is fabulous; I love the steak and chips but there is such a diverse menu to cater for everyone. The Balthazar has an elegant old-school 1940s vibe and the decor is perfect for the style of cuisine. It’s a must if you are in town. 

“The second restaurant is called Uncle Boons (7 Spring Street). Also in Soho/Nolita, this place is very different from Balthazar. It is essentially Thai but so much more extraordinary than any Thai will ever taste. I cannot describe it – it’s like the chefs have pushed the boundaries in the taste department. Every dish you eat will be so powerful and tangy. I always book about one to two weeks in advance as this place is busy. The vibe is very casual and the tables are close together and you will be eating in low light. Do not miss it – you will talk about it for a long time.” 

Where she shops…

“I shop downtown around the cobbled stone streets of Soho for luxury pieces and on Broadway for the high-street brands like Zara and H&M. I literally cannot pick any one shop as there are the big popular shops that everyone knows but there are also local brands, which weave their way in so casually. The best way is just to walk up and down and see what draws your eye.”

What you should do in New York…

“I am not going to give you the attractions you would expect. In fact I am not going to pick any. Early on when I arrived in this city I bought a bicycle and cruised up towards Central Park taking it all in. You can cover so much distance on a bike and then it’s a matter of stopping when you see something that catches your eye. I remember on my first cycle stopping in at a cookie shop, a homewares store, a sneaker store as well as being totally gobsmacked by absolutely everything. Just explore on your own terms and maybe spend a day or two not trying to stick to a schedule – just let your legs or wheels take you somewhere/anywhere.”

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