Tucked away in what seems to be a deliberately obscure corner of an island just off of Miami Beach is The Standard. Surrounded by residential neighbourhoods, you could be forgiven for not realising that this modest-sized hotel is the site of Miami’s best spa. Then again, that’s sort of the idea: The Standard makes a point of being at a remove, both physically and culturally, from the glamour of the South Beach scene. The focus here is on wellness and relaxation. Alongside the familiar plunge pools, cedar sauna and aroma steam room are a number of exotic facilities and a dizzying number of spa treatments guaranteed to leave you feeling as if you’ve turned to liquid and joined the surrounding ocean. These include: a scotch hose (a high-pressure water jet), a sound shower (music by global DJs) and a mud lounge (choice of two types of mud or spirulina). Settle in for the day or grab a bicycle or take a paddle boarding class then come back for dinner at the superb Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill.

The Standard Spa40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach | +1 305 673 1717

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