Peru is perhaps the most unlikely new food capital in the world. Offering a fusion of Spanish, indigenous influences, Chinese and Japanese, it’s a cuisine that, on paper, sounds incredibly weird. And in some ways it is – but in a good way. International culinary star and pioneer of Cocina Novoandina (modern Peruvian cuisine), Gastón Acurio has made it his mission in life to evangelise his native food culture, which is not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. La Mar Miami is the latest in an international empire and features many classics, including his famous cebiches (ceviches) and delicious little grilled skewers of chicken heart, sweetbread and lobster. One tip: avoid being seated inside; try and grab a spot on the glorious deck overlooking the water instead.


A combination of three, mostly non-residential neighbourhoods, including the newly fashionable Design District, Downtown Miami is still a business centre at heart. There are things to see here and some great restaurants, plus it’s closer to Wynwood than South Beach, but expect to go elsewhere for an after-hours party scene.

La Mar | 500 Brickell Key Drive, Miami | + 1 305 913 8358

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