Miami is full of people inventing new ways to make the beach less relaxing – wakeboarding, jet skiing and paragliding are all de rigueur. But for the ultimate in crazy watersports thrill-seeking, it’s pretty hard to beat AquaJet. Consisting of a water-propelled jet pack or “hoverboard”, AquaJet allows you to literally fly across the ocean on columns of rocket-propelled water. Launching from a beach on Jungle Island, in the middle of a natural reserve full of parrots, monkeys and other wildlife, AquaJet will allow you to fly over the water to heights of nine metres and at speeds of up to 40kms an hour. Advanced AquaJetters can even dive down into the water and then fly back up into the air. It’s all totally ridiculous – and totally awesome. You can make your own way to the island or arrange to have AquaJet pick you up. Remember, however, that there are height and weight restrictions.


Just east of Downtown Miami, Jungle Island the only private beach in Miami Bay, accessible by a road bridge. The island has its own entrance fee that is not included in the price of AquaJet.

AquaJet | + 1 305 713 2692

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