Every visitor to Miami needs to have an authentic Cuban sandwich at least once and there may be no place more authentic than Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop. Featuring immoderately portioned breakfasts and lunches, Enriqueta's is a local institution and crowds can often be seen milling around the takeaway window outside or snaking out the door waiting for a table. So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, there are several sandwiches that Enriqueta's claim to make better than anywhere else in Miami. Their pan con bistec is a shredded steak sandwich filled with tomato, cheese and crispy potato sticks but many loyal customers also swear by their breakfast egg sandwich. As for the classic Cuban sandwich – it’s just buttered, Cuban-style bread, pickles, pork, ham, cheese and mustard. The pork is steeped in mojo, a citrus garlic marinade, and Enriqueta's offers deep-fried béchamel croquetas squished into their variation, but that’s pretty much it. What, then, makes it so good? Who knows – but one bite and you’ll agree that, although Cuba may not have invented the sandwich, it did perfect it.


Just north of Downtown Miami is Wynwood, an area that has become the epicentre of Miami’s transformation into a cultural destination. Once a rather shabby industrial area, many of the abandoned warehouses here have been converted into studios, cafés, galleries and excellent restaurants.

Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop | 186 NE 29th Street, Miami | +1 305 573 4681

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