Michelin-starred Patina has enjoyed a coveted spot under a stainless-steel sail of Walt Disney Concert Hall for over a decade. It’s an understated elegance paired with meticulous attention to detail that makes this restaurant unique. Executive chef Paul Lee serves modern interpretations of French classics, available only on a three-, five- or eight-course tasting menu, set by the chef. Signature seasonal dishes include 63°C duck egg, poached Maine lobster and beef tenderloin. The impeccable service, outstanding food, proximity to LA’s cultural scene (Museum of Contemporary Art, Music Centre and The Broad Museum), and a 1,000-bottle wine list make this dining experience unforgettable. The tableside cheese cart, with its offering of 30+ cheeses, from Appenzeller to Valencay Frais Cendré, is a rare treat. Open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday from 5:00pm to 9:30pm, with post-theatre dining on LA Philharmonic performance nights. Check on their summer closure dates.  


Downtown Los Angeles is basking in its moment. The transformed heart of Los Angeles city is now alive with new storefronts, an influx of residents and a slew of condos and restored loft buildings. Its Arts District is undergoing a Brooklynisation, attracting chefs, artists and entrepreneurs.  

Patina | 141 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles | +1 213 972 3331

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