Seeing a Hollywood movie in Los Angeles is a pretty cool experience in itself; even more so if you're looking for a chilled-out date night. Enter iPic Theatres with their comfy leather seats and food service. Of their two LA locations, Westwood is the most central; though if you’re near downtown, head over the ornate Pasadena theatre. Guarantee your seats by reserving online (opt for the recliner upgrade). As for the food and drinks, the theatre offers a chef-driven menu created by James Beard Award-winner Sherry Yard, which includes pizza, burgers and club sandwiches, along with beer, wine and cocktails. Orders are placed via a personal tablet and delivered to your seat. Bonus: the popcorn is unlimited.


Westwood is located close to the University of California and caters to a large student population. This neighbourhood is also home to LA’s large Persian community. 

iPic Theatres
10840 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
+1 310 307 7003

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