To grasp LA's cultural and culinary renaissance, head downtown to the Grand Central Market on Broadway. The indoor foodie Mecca buzzes with its multicultural mix of purveyors: Wexler’s Deli serves the tastiest house-cured pastrami on rye; G&B Coffee was singled out by the New York Times for pouring the best iced latte in America; EggSlut's breakfast sandwiches command a line; and Sarita’s Pupuseria is masterful at churning out pupusas – disc-shaped corn tortillas filled with everything from cheese and Loroco (an aromatic Central American flower) to pork and/or beans. While you’re there, check out the 1893-built Bradbury Building across the road. You may recognize its wrought-iron interior from the movie Blade Runner.  


Downtown Los Angeles is basking in its moment. The transformed heart of Los Angeles city is now alive with new storefronts, an influx of residents and a slew of condos and restored loft buildings. Its Arts District is undergoing a Brooklynisation, attracting chefs, artists and entrepreneurs.

Grand Central Market | 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
+1 213 624 2378

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