Although Americans invented it, electronic dance music (EDM) has mostly existed on the fringes of the nation’s consciousness. Not anymore. In the last few years, an EDM revolution has swept the USA and ground zero of the movement is Las Vegas. Gargantuan nightclubs are now a standard feature at every hotel and, arguably, the most awe-inspiring is Hakkasan. This five-storey party dome features various club levels and a superb modern Cantonese restaurant, all decorated in a sci-fi Chinoiserie theme that is sort of Blade Runner meets the last days of Nero. With regular VIPs like Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and Pharrell, expect a whopping bill.  

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
+1 702 891 3838 (nightclub) + 1 702 891 7888 (restaurant)

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