During every visit to Vegas there comes a point when you need to leave the luxury bubble and take a trip back in time to a classic dive. The last non-corporate establishment on the Las Vegas Strip, the Peppermill restaurant and the adjoining Fireside Lounge starred in Martin Scorsese’s Casino and feel like the kind of place you could bump into Joe Pesci. Like something designed by Rick James, the interior of the Fireside Lounge is a 1970s time capsule of mirrors, fake ferns and a fire in a bubbling spa bath (seriously). Don’t expect fancy: the food is basic, the cocktails ghastly and there’s probably a good reason they keep the lights low. But once your Michelin-starred memories have faded, it's the Peppermill you’ll always treasure.

The Peppermill
Somerset Shopping Center, 2985 Las Vegas Boulevard South
+1 702 735-7635

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