It’s hard to choose a favorite Mexican-influenced restaurant among the many on offer in Dallas, but Mr. Mesero is definitely at the top of the list. Billed as “American + Mexican” food, the menu has a delicious range of offerings. From refreshing takes on traditional Mexican fare like tacos and enchiladas to burgers and a “Big D” dog, visitors can get the best of Texas in one meal. Located in Uptown Dallas near the business district, Mr. Mesero works for both a business lunch and a drink and some dinner at the end of a long day of work.


Uptown Dallas was one of the first neighborhoods to undergo a major revitalization that helped turn the city—and especially the downtown area—into a cultural hotspot. It’s now one of the city’s premier destinations for trendy nightlife, fine dining, and high-end shopping, particularly for the high-rolling and well-heeled yuppie set.

Mr Mesero4444 McKinney Ave | +1 214 780 1991

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