Sushi is a religion at this Bishop Arts District hotspot. Chef Michelle Carpenter puts her own spin on her creations with local flavors like chili sauce, cilantro, and sriracha. Credited with creating the caterpillar role, Carpenter has a distinct approach to sushi that can be tasted in every bite. For a real splurge, try the omakase 10-course tasting menu that will set you back $120 per person (and needs to be reserved in advance). Zen Sushi is also a shining light for vegetarians and vegans—in a town that’s all about the animal protein, the restaurant offers a separate menu for those who are plants-only.


The Bishop Arts District is a part of the North Oak Cliff area of Dallas. It is a walkable combination of family homes, shops, restaurants, bars, and art galleries, and is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city.

Zen Sushi | 380 W. 7th St. | +1 214 946 9699

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