Planning a trip to Mexico City? From the weekend bazaar in Coyoacán to an espresso at Café El Jarocho, Agnes Ignacio from the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico shares her insider tips to the bustling metropolis.

When my friends are in town, I take them for a drink at… La Lavandería, which is Spanish for laundromat. That’s what it was until the new owners converted it into a mezcaleria, where they serve mezcal and cocktails. It’s laid-back and in one of the city’s most happening districts, Roma.

For a business meeting, I always book a table at… Il Becco, the Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel. It’s an excellent meeting place because it has the space necessary for privacy, the food is excellent and the service is discreet but attentive.

The restaurant that best shows off Mexico City is… Dulce Patria. Three restaurants from our city are on the World’s 50 Best list, including this one. I like it because of the chef, Martha Ortiz. The way she presents her food speaks of her deep pride in the traditions and colours of the country and Mexican culture.

My favourite breakfast place is… Azul Histórico, a casual venue set in the courtyard of a palace more than 300 years old. It serves traditional Mexican by one of the country’s top chefs – Ricardo Muñoz Zurita. 

And for the best coffee I go to… Café El Jarocho. It serves all the regular coffees like cappuccino and espresso but you must try their café de olla. The beans come from the state of Veracruz, which is one of the top producers of coffee in the country.

If you want a market experience, don’t miss… the weekend bazaar in Coyoacán. Clothes, earrings, jewellery, shoes – you’ll find everything here, made by locals for locals.

And for designer fashion, make your way to… the newly renovated Palacio de Hierro in Polanco. It’s an enormous department store with more than 2000 high-end national and international brand names. It’s unlikely you’d leave the store disappointed or empty-handed.

Couples looking for a romantic experience should… go to the San Angel Inn, a garden restaurant where you can enjoy a candlelit dinner while a trio plays Mexican ballads.

The best daytrip is to… Malinalco, a charming colonial village about two hours south-west of Mexico City. There’s a small archaeological site above the town. This is where the Aztec warriors were trained to reach the highest ranks – the jaguar or the eagle.

When it’s raining… visit the Cafebrería El Péndulo bookstore in the Polanco neighbourhood. It has a restaurant, a coffee shop and also an area where you can listen to music. You could spend a whole day here.

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