Consistently named as Vancouver’s best seafood restaurant, Blue Water Cafe, in Yaletown, has the added allure of being George Clooney’s fave place to dine in the city. His preferred corner table is pointed out to me but there is no gorgeous George to be seen. Most diners start with lavender or bergamot-scented cocktails and a selection from the Raw Bar, which features nigiri (mostly salmon, such as seasonal sockeye), sashimi and sushi rolls plus crab and tuna salads. On the menu proper is the prospect of three types of seafood towers. Go for the modest single tier, which is the perfect starter for two, and features oysters, prawns, mussels, jellyfish and scallop ceviche. For mains, I suggest an order of wild sablefish with Japanese-influenced miso sake glaze, baby bok choy, edamame, quinoa and shiitake mushrooms. Everywhere I travel in British Columbia last month, ling cod is on the menu and nowhere will you find a better dish than Blue Water Cafe’s smoky version, with chorizo, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, and a red pepper and paprika sauce.

Blue Water Cafe | 1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

This copy originally appeared as a part of 'Best of Vancouver, Canadaon and is re-published here under license. Susan Kurosawa is a writer at The Australian and is not affiliated with Qantas.


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