Sea Vancouver's 90-minute tour, dubbed Waterfront Sightseeing Adventure.

Kitted up in an orange safety vest and jacket and with a breeze windmilling my hair into a mess, I am nonetheless a happy sailor. Captain Tom is at the helm of Sea Vancouver’s yellow Zodiac on a spin-circle of the city’s inner harbour and across Burrard Inlet, under Lions Gate Bridge, skirting the great green reaches of Stanley Park and around to English Bay. The 90-minute tour is dubbed Waterfront Sightseeing Adventure and we pass under the art deco Burrard Street Bridge to nose along False Creek, with the food-and-arts precinct of Granville Island to our right and, to the left, some of the city’s most expensive apartments. “It might look as if the buildings are randomly positioned,” says Tom, “but they are staggered so everyone gets a view.” There’s abundant civic sculpture along the foreshore and pop-up harbour seals. Often there are playful Pacific white-sided dolphins to add to the fun but not today. After a final whirl, we return to the splendidly named Prince of Whales office at the Westin Bayshore Hotel to strip off our sea-sprayed gear.

Sea Vancouver

This copy originally appeared as a part of 'Best of Vancouver, Canadaon and is re-published here under license. Susan Kurosawa is a writer at The Australian and is not affiliated with Qantas.

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