From shopping to sightseeing, Dubai is a cornucopia of luxury and opulence. Em Sherif, at The Address Downtown Dubai, sets standards that are even higher. Offering a sumptuous 32-course set menu highlighting traditional Oriental flavours, diners are fully immersed in a culinary feast.

The menu changes seasonally or according to the current inspiration of head chef and owner, Mireille Hayek. While indulging in the wide variety of mezze and Lebanese dishes, guests are surrounded by Ottoman-inspired mosaics and chandeliers, reminiscent of an old world, Oriental mansion.

On the outdoor terrace, guests are able to enjoy traditional shisha while taking in the panoramic views of Dubai’s most iconic buildings including the Burj Khalifa. For 320 AED ($116) per person (excluding beverages), Em Sherif is a quintessential Dubai experience that is well worth the calories.

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