Where does Leonardo DiCaprio go when he’s in town? Where might young British royals head when they feel like a dance? Where can you have your tequila delivered by a toy train in the ceiling and be treated to burlesque dancers and Mexican wrestling? When you walk across the prim and proper Sloane Square, you’d never guess that all this madness is going on, underground, in this little tequila bar. Since it opened three years ago, Tonteria has been a favourite for VIPs, local and international. We say, if it’s good enough for Leo…  


Sloane Square is in the heart of Chelsea, a neighbourhood awash with bright young things who are fashion-conscious, cashed-up and ready to party hard. But it’s not all clubs and fast cars; there are pockets of Chelsea and surrounds that are equally loved by the pram-pushing and Pilates-toned, including Chelsea Farmers Market and many of the brunch cafés and designer boutiques around King’s Road.

Tonteria | 7-12 Sloane Square | +44 20 7881 5991

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