Many chain brands are considered soulless, devoid of quality produce. This Mexican restaurant, founded by British TV chef and author Thomasina Miers, is the exception. Wahaca calls its menu “Mexican market eating” and, yes, this goes far beyond your average guacamole and nachos. Expect comfort food like slow-cooked pork marinated in Yucatecan spices and topped with chilli-pickled onions as well as out-of-the-box additions like sweet crispy plantain tacos with frijoles, crema, feta and hot chipotle adobo. The flavours are exciting, the run-off-their-feet staff are unfailingly charming and Wahaca seems to have achieved the impossible – a place adored equally by hipster foodie couples, wallet-conscious groups and families. The killer kiddie menu includes build-your-own tacos and gooey quesadillas. The food is so popular that new locations are popping up all over town so check the site to see if there’s one close to where you are staying. The Southbank location is ideal if you’re checking out the nearby London Eye, while Covent Garden and Oxford Circus are just the thing for weary shoppers once the retail high has turned to fashion fatigue.


Soho certainly attracts the tourists but it’s still lively enough to draw in the locals and is home to some of the most critically acclaimed restaurants and bars in the city. Piccadilly Circus is the best tube station to get off at, however, catching a double-decker bus to Soho from East or West London is a great way to see some of the sights while getting from A to B. Be aware, you can no longer buy tickets onboard London buses so purchase a public transport Oyster card first. 

Wahaca | 80 Wardour Street, Soho | +44 20 7734 0195

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