Cosy and warm, Leila’s Shop is dominated by a rustic open kitchen surrounded by a few tables and chairs. In fact, on entering, you’d be forgiven for feeling you’ve walked into someone’s apartment. But homeliness is the aim here: fried eggs with sage are served in the pan and if you opt for the Englishman’s staple of toast with butter and jam, they simply bring three or four big pots to your table so you can dollop on whichever flavours you fancy. The downside with it being so intimate is that you may have to wait for a table; keep in mind that the nearby flower markets in Columbia Road take place on Sundays and then it gets even busier. But once you get your table and you’re happily buttering your toast, you will feel completely at home.  


Shoreditch is the ultimate in East London hipster-cool. Buildings are covered with impressive graffiti art; streets are frequented by pretty young things shooting scenes for music videos and indie films; and the eating, drinking and boutique shopping is all about independent owners rather than chain brands. Catch the overground train to Shoreditch High Street or, for the tube, get off at either Liverpool Street (five-minute walk) or Old Street (15-minute walk).

Leila’s Shop | 15-17 Calvert Avenue | +44 20 7729 9789

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