London is an excellent city for cycling and, for tourists, it’s a savvy way to get around while also taking in the sights. London has a smart bike-sharing scheme that’s widely used; nicknamed “Boris bikes” (after Mayor of London Boris Johnson), there are more than 10,000 available at more than 700 docking points across London. You can use them for 24 hours for a small fee, with the first 30 minutes free. The bonus is, you can dock the bike in between journeys and still only pay once. Jump on and ride from your hotel to a restaurant, dock while you eat. After lunch, you want explore another area – no problem: just pick a different bike there to cycle back to your hotel. All up, you’ll only pay the same small fee. You can find a range of leisure cycling routes created by London Transport here. See the Transport for London site to find a docking station near your location. 

Cycle London+44 343 222 6666

Image: William Murphy

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