The spectacular view from Leb-i Derya alone makes this worth the visit. Hidden away just off Istiklal Street and at the summit of an unassuming building, the difference here is that you feel part of the panorama, rather than just an observer of it. There’s an international menu to suit all tastes (even kids, too, if you come early in the evening) but it’s the wow factor of those vistas that really stand out. With its low lighting and smooth grooves coupled with the sparkling city lights, this is a good spot for a relaxed and romantic date.


In Beyoğlu, on the majestic Istiklal Street, you’ll discover shops, eateries and the leading contemporary Turkish art galleries and institutions. As night falls, particularly in the Tunel district, bistros, cocktail bars and burger joints mingle with traditional Turkish meyhanes. Hip crowds of young professional Turks sway to jazz, electronica and Balkan groove while traditional-suited musicians wind their way from table to table, instruments and drums in hand, all blending to create the vibrant cacophonic glory that is Istanbul at night.

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