There are so many good little eateries in Barcelona, you really need a copy of The Encyclopaedia of Where to Eat in Barcelona to get a handle on it all (we’ll write that soon, we promise). In the meantime, if all you want is to sit in the sun with a beer and try those tapas comfort dishes everyone says you have to – pan con tomate, patatas bravas, pimientos – then this is an excellent spot to do it. On Plaça del Sol, it lives up to its name and is a great spot to while away an afternoon away from the busy crowds. Oh, and try the chicken wings – gooey deliciousness.


While centrally located in modern day Barcelona, Gràcia used to be its own town and still retains a tight-knit neighbourhood feel. Wonder around to discover cool boutiques, laid-back restaurants and bars, and generally take in the laid-back vibe.

Sol Soler | Plaça del Sol 21 | +34 931 72 99 75

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