Restaurante Romesco, a Time Machine to 1970s Barcelona


This could be the closest thing to walking into a time machine and seeing what Barcelona was like in the 1970s – brown ceramic tiles, handlebar moustaches, the works. It’s all very low-fi and very local; there isn’t much more than a thin bar area, a handful of tables and a small, open kitchen where you can watch your crema Catalana being caramelised. For your main, go for the arroz a la cubana: a yum/yuck mix of beef, beans, rice and a banana that is surprisingly satisfying. If you aren’t feeling particularly adventurous their fried cod, or anything they do with fish and seafood, is a safe bet. The staff don’t speak much English but if you grab a seat at the bar and give them a smile they will make you feel like a regular.


In stark contrast to the perfectly planned grid of Eixample, El Raval is a maze of characterful and often cobblestoned streets lined with some of Barcelona’s coolest restaurants, bars and boutiques. A number of neighbourhood revitalisation projects, including the opening of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) in 1995, have upgraded its status from “no-go” to “rough” to its current “edgy/cool” appeal for visitors and locals alike.

Restaurante Romesco | Carrer de Sant Pau 28 | +34 933 189 381

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