This giant science museum, often referred to as the best of its kind in Europe, is simply really cool and fun. You can touch a plasma ball of electricity for that “I’m at a science museum!” experience (but it won’t raise your hair), along with many other interactive exhibits. Check for when there are planetarium shows and be sure to buy this ticket at the entrance to secure your seat (these are sold separately to the main entrance fee). The Flooded Forest is a 1000-square-metre indoor simulation of the Brazilian rainforest that houses more than 100 different live species. As they say, exit through the gift shop: they have some great educational toys and other souvenirs that are a good alternative to what you would find on La Rambla.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is a large neighbourhood in the northwest of Barcelona that climbs up the side of the mountain Tibidabo, with lots of upscale private residences. You’re not too far from Park Güell or Tibidabo Amusement Park here.

CosmoCaixa, 26 Carrer d’Isaac Newton; +34 932 12 60 50 

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