Heading to the Berlin on business? Here's our list of hot tips to help you navigate transport, tipping, telecommunications and more.


Australian travellers fly into Berlin Tegel Airport, which is located about 
12 kilometres from the city centre. After many delays, the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt will open in 2020.

Airport transport

Head to the taxi ranks outside Terminals 
A, C and E. It’s approximately 30 minutes to the city centre and will cost around €40. 

Best local app

Going Local Berlin is a free app developed by the official tourist body, VisitBerlin. It offers tips, event information and tours. 

Best SIM card

Germans love their paperwork so setting up a temporary SIM can be unwieldy. The easiest is 
an ALDI Talk card, which you buy over the counter at ALDI supermarkets then activate via an app. Prepaid packages cost between €4 and €20 per month. 

Join the Qantas Club

Travel in style


On the whole, punctuality is sacred in German business culture so it’s better to err on the side of caution. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early, especially for important meetings. 

Tipping culture

Tipping is not obligatory as service industries pay their staff a living wage. Nevertheless, 
it’s very common to leave a tip if you enjoyed your 
meal and service – five to 10 per cent of the bill is 
the going rate.

Dining custom

German etiquette generally demands 
that the person initiating the meeting should pay the bill.

Average price of 
a cup 
of coffee

€3 for a cappuccino

Local transport

Public transport is by 
far the best way to get around the city (berlin.de). The U-Bahn, S-Bahn and trams are quick and efficient and a one-way ticket in zone 1 will set you back €1.70.


+3.7 million 

Greeting and salutations

Germans are quite formal and like their hierarchies so it’s common practice to use titles and last names when meeting in business settings for the first time. A man should be addressed as Herr (Mr) and a woman as Frau (Mrs). 


Berliners speak excellent English, especially 
in tourist-heavy areas. But it never hurts to offer a hallo or danke (hello and thank you).


The Euro. AU$1=€0.63 (subject to change)

Average temperatures 

Winter -2°C – 3°C

Spring 4°C – 13°C

Summer 13°C – 22°C 

Autumn 6°C – 13°C

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