Berlin’s Coolest Spots According to a Fashion Editor


She’s styled, written and edited for the likes of ASOS and Vice and, on the side, co-runs a make-up party service – Glitzerklub (or “Glitter Club”) – that Berlin’s clubs and festivals enlist for their biggest events. It’s safe to say Lia Haubner is plugged-in to what’s in vogue on the streets of Berlin. Here, she opens her little black book… 

Best Hotel

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Located in Berlin’s trendy City West, this is a quirky concept hotel that overlooks the Zoo Berlin and humming city center. Each room is different with stylish fit-outs – think steel bedheads and even rental bikes – and is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day exploring the city. Make sure to catch a view of real, live monkeys at the hotel’s Monkey Bar with a cocktail in hand and enjoy a feed from the hotel’s private Airstream food truck. It’s become a bit of a hipster haven, but don’t let that deter you…

Best Breakfast

Madame Tartinette

Madame Tartinette serves breakfast until 6pm, making it the place of choice for lazy Sundays. Locals consider its coffee Berlin’s best – try the Americano – and I recommend ordering the omelette. Served with salad, fresh bread and the most delicious selection of homemade dips and hummus, this savoury splurge is best finished with a homemade cake and juice. 

Best Bar


Enjoy a sunset cocktail at Klunkerkranich. This relaxed rooftop bar is leafy, has a sandpit and boasts uninterrupted panoramas of Berlin. Located on the roof of a car park with makeshift furniture and accents, this spot really captures Berlin’s perfectly imperfect spirit. 

Best Nightclub

Prince Charles

For a night out dancing, head to the Prince Charles club, set up on the site of an old swimming pool. Its Burgers & HipHop nights, in particular, are a lot of fun – parties combining clubbing with street-food stalls.

Best Restaurants

Manouche and Monella

I really like places where you can spend your whole evening eating and drinking with friends long after dinner is finished. One of my favourite restaurants is Manouche. With vintage-inspired interiors and a really cosy atmosphere, this is the perfect spot for people looking for a place where the locals hang out. Manouche serves the best crepes and galettes and has a really diverse selection of cheeses. My favourite thing to order is the galettes with goat cheese… so delicious!

If you love pizza (who doesn’t?), head to Monella. It has a small, delicious and frequently changing menu on offer that delights regulars and first-time visitors alike. Make sure you snap their disco-ball-inspired pizza oven while you’re there.

Best Park

Tempelhofer Feld

Check out Tempelhofer Feld, the outfield of the former airport where you can go running, biking, skating and also just lie in the sun, have a picnic or even a barbecue. I also love Viktoriapark – it’s home to a really gorgeous waterfall.

Best Shopping

Voo Store, Do You Read Me? the flea market at Arkonaplatz

Voo Store has a cool selection of well-known, up-and-coming and Scandi fashion brands, some local designers, interior accessories, magazines and really good coffee. If you’re into magazines, Do You Read Me? (pictured) has a big range of excellent titles. Otherwise, the flea market at Arkonaplatz on Sundays is great for vintage clothing and bric-a-brac.”

Don't leave Berlin without seeing…

...Mauerpark. It was a part of the former border strip during the division of Germany and, today, part of the Berlin Wall still stands there with local street artists contributing graffiti to it. The famous East Side Gallery – a 1.3-kilometre-long section of the wall, with 105 paintings by global artists is an absolute must-see.” 

Best day trip

Rent a bike and head to the Grunewald forest to go swimming at Teufelssee and visit Teufelsberg, a former US listening station. One fact to drop while riding your bike ride: David Lynch once wanted to open a meditation centre there – but didn't get a building permission!


...Grab a beer from the nearest Späti (Berlin's famous 24-hour kiosks) and watch the sunset at Modersohnbrücke.

Image via Do You Read Me?   

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