Where to Find True Berlin Style with Expat Ruby Barber


Ruby Barber, founder of Berlin flower studio Mary Lennox, shares her picks of beautiful buys in Berlin. Compiled by Alison Boleyn.

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, artists headed to the German capital for its huge potential. Artists still thrive here, as does a storied design scene much loved by Ruby Barber, founder of Berlin flower studio Mary Lennox. Here, she shares her picks of beautiful buys that best sum up her adopted city. 

Stoneware by Christine Roland

Roland hand-shapes every cup, spoon, dish and bird house from materials sourced in Germany, forgoing the symmetry of the potter’s wheel. “Her stoneware and porcelain are my favourite vessels to work with,” says Barber of her long-term collaborator. “Each piece has its own personality.”

Salted caramels by Black Isle Bakery  

Ruth Barry shifted her London emporium of biscuits and buns to Berlin in 2015. “Ruth makes everything herself and the packaging is simple and beautiful,” says Barber. 

Anything from Andreas

This gallery-like store and auction house occupies the former printing works of Der Tagesspiegel newspaper and is curated by Murkudis, the former director of Berlin’s Museum of Things. At the time of writing, Barber had her eye on a Chanel 1986-87 autumn/winter lookbook.

Lilian von Trapp’s “Round Ones” 

Right now, Barber wants local jeweller Von Trapp’s pearl-studded “Round Ones” earrings. The “unique, beautifully designed, sustainable” pieces are always on her wish list, she says. See lilianvontrapp.com.

Diptyque “Berlin” scented candle

To mark the opening of its first German store, on Kurfürstendamm, Diptyque captured the lime-like scent of Berlin’s spring linden-tree blossoms in a candle. 

Take Me to the Lakes: The Berlin Edition

From Berlin publishing house The Gentle Temper comes proof in print of the Germans’ love of nature and the great outdoors. Go to takemetothelakes.com.

New Tendency “Tilt” system

Barber owns the Bauhaus-influenced collaborative design studio’s “super-useful” storage tray in three colours. Visit newtendency.com.

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