Each evening, as the sun begins its descent below the horizon the sky above Broome transforms into a watercolour painting. No matter where you are in Broome, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of this nightly art show but there are a few spots worth seeking out for an even more incredible view.

Gantheaume Point

The natural beauty of this beach, a 10-minute drive from Broome town centre, continues to shine as the ocean shimmers in the fading light. For the best views from a secluded perch, drive along the unsealed road past the beach access ramp. If the sunset coincides with low tide, you may even be able to spot the ancient dinosaur tracks imprinted in the stones at the very bottom of rockface.  

Where to Watch the Sunset in Broome

Entrance Point

This sandy expanse near Broome port may be better used as launch point for eager fisherman scooting their boats out to sea each morning but come late afternoon it’s perfect for spreading out a picnic blanket, laying back and watching the evening roll in with the waves. Back from the shoreline, a cluster of bronze-toned rock formations, twisted by the tide and wind, seem to catch fire in the last of the sun’s rays.

Cable Beach

It might be the most popular Broome beach but thanks to an impossibly long 22 kilometres of sand it’s easy to nab a slice just for you. You could simply sit back with a glass of bubbles and gaze at the darkening sky but there are plenty of active ways to reflect on the final moments of the day: joining the iconic camel trails parading along the waterline; pedalling a bike a few clicks off the beach; or steering the family in a 4WD near Cable Beach West as you enact a driving-into-the-sunset fantasy.

The Indian Ocean

Whichever vessel you choose – stand-up paddleboard, hovercraft, fishing boat – floating on top of an ocean languidly changing colour every few moments to match the sky above is an experience you won’t likely forget. Several tour operators offer sunset excursions to fully take advantage of the dreamy surrounds, including fishing tours, dolphin-watching cruises and, yes, two-hour hovercraft expeditions that skim you across the waves.

Markets at Town Beach

While you could easily lose an age gazing at the sunset, the fading light adds an atmospheric edge to any activity completed during those magic hours. Every Thursday night from June to September, purveyors of snacky food and hand-made art offer their wares to sunset seekers at Town Beach Reserve. And, if you time your visit between April and October you’ll get a double feature: sunset and the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon, where the rising orb illuminates the tidal flats and transforms them into steps to the sky. During these full moons, the Staircase to the Moon night markets keep will entice you to stay out all evening.


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