There are vegan restaurants – old-school, hippy-dippy, tie-dyed purveyors of tofu burgers so dense they have their own gravitational pull – and then there are the moder eateries that just happen to be vegan. The Raw Kitchen is the latter: a destination for the consciously healthy with a hankering for gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar- free dishes, kombucha in all its forms or a glass of Margaret River organic wine. Communal tables are spread throughout the massive Fremantle warehouse, while repurposed bus bench seats make for comfy booths and open-plan shipping containers live a second life as dining spaces. On the menu, the mild aromatic broth of a yellow coconut curry packed with just-cooked vegetables and tempeh is a fine balance of salt, sweet and sour flavours courtesy of turmeric, makrut lime leaf, lemongrass and chilli. Nachos are improved by their minced beef replacement – spicy walnut refried beans – and a poke bowl is amped up with the lactic, salty backbeat of pickled shiitake. The Raw Kitchen is welcoming, plentiful and just a little bit hippy-dippy.

181a High Street, Fremantle; (08) 9433 4647; open seven days for lunch and Wednesday-Sunday for dinner.

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