In a grown-up game of pass it on, insiders nominate their  neighbourhood’s best restaurants, cafes and bars. This month, we explore Perth’s Northbridge. 

Start here: The Hummus Club

The Hummus Club

A beloved local haunt, this pop-up-turned- permanent fixture on William Street serves up traditional Middle Eastern flavours with a modern twist. Grab a seat in the graphic black, white and neon-pink space and sample four different types of hummus as you work your way through a drinks list brimming with Western Australian producers (and a couple from Turkey  and Lebanon for good measure). 

The Hummus Club >>> The Standard

The Standard, Perth

For a relaxed Sunday lunch with friends, The Hummus Club’s head chef, Emily Heron, goes to The Standard on Roe Street. “The Lazy Sundays special they dish up in their beautiful wine garden is a great deal – it serves four people and is laid out on a lazy Susan. The cuisines change weekly, which keeps it fresh; some great ones were the Greek day, the seafood basket option and the Korean barbecue. It’s always lively there, with a mix of young and old. Plus, it’s open quite late if that’s what you’re looking for.”

The Standard >>> Sumiya Gin

Sumiya Gin, Perth

The Standard’s executive chef,  Chase Weber, enjoys the traditional Japanese vibe at Sumiya Gin, just up from his work, on William Street. “There are only a dozen small tables  at this cool little place, which looks like a typical Japanese eatery. They use amazing produce and plate up awesome flavours. It’s a great spot to go with a few mates and hang out. Each table has its own charcoal grill and the menu includes Australian and Japanese Wagyu. I love that it’s not fancy. It’s one of those venues you’d drive past 100 times and never stop at and is one of my favourite finds.” 

Sumiya Gin >>> Whisk Creamery

Whisk Creamery, Perth

Before service begins at Sumiya Gin, the restaurant’s owner and chef, Toshiaki Hirosawa, walks down William Street to Whisk Creamery for  a sweet treat. “The staff at Whisk are so kind and friendly. The ice-creamery has such  a unique and interesting vibe and allows customers to tailor their desserts to their own liking. My go-to is the classic taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake topped  with red bean and matcha gelato. They are known for their instagrammable desserts and definitely have a few out-there creations – they even have vegan gelato in the shape of an avocado! Whisk closes late and is always full.” 

Whisk Creamery >>> Flora & Fauna

To fuel up for work, Whisk Creamery’s store manager, Davide Nelva Stellio, takes an 11-minute drive across the suburb to Flora  & Fauna (4/70 Aberdeen Street). “I love the eclectic atmosphere and the variety of their offerings, not just for breakfast. It’s easily one of my favourite spaces in the city. Their mushroom and pesto bagel is fantastic and they also do a vegan mac and cheese, which I adore – I’m not even vegan! There’s plenty of outdoor space and when it’s sunny it’s a great place to be. The coffee, by Micrology Coffee Roasters, is amazing.”

Flora & Fauna >>> Phi Yen

When hunger strikes Flora & Fauna’s co-owner, Abel Taubas, he walks to Phi Yen on the corner of Brisbane and Lake streets. “Phi Yen is pretty casual but not as  casual as your typical neighbourhood Vietnamese restaurant. It’s on the residential side of Northbridge so  it’s quite hidden away, which keeps it a bit of a secret. They serve authentic  flavours – I normally go for vegetarian or vegan options. The curries are  simple and beautiful and the fried rice with tofu is outstanding. I also love  the wonton soup – the broth is one of my favourites, it’s just so good.”

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