Take a fresh look at Perth with these insider recommendations from David Luff, concierge at Crown Towers Perth.

When my friends are in town, I take them for a drink at…

Victoria Park’s Dutch Trading Company. It’s very basic and unassuming but, as a craft-beer aficionado, I think the selection of beers is superb.

The restaurant that best shows off Perth is…

Wildflower at Como 
The Treasury 
in the city. They get the best produce from local farmers and instead of having a four-season menu, they base it on the six seasons of Indigenous culture. 
The food is amazing.

A Concierge's Guide to the Best of Perth

And the restaurant that’s a real hotspot for locals is…

Lulu La Delizia, a little Italian place in Subiaco. The pasta 
is fantastic; you can tell how much love and passion goes into it.
A great place for a business meeting is… the private lounge in the Crystal Club at Crown Towers. I hosted Perth’s Les Clefs d’Or [international concierge network] meeting there recently and when the concierges were wowed, I knew I’d picked a good spot.

If you want to kick on after dinner, go to…

Library nightclub in Northbridge. It has three different levels – a bar, club and lounge all in one. It’s a younger crowd and 
a real mix in terms of the music.

For the best breakfast in town, visit…

Piccolo’s Corner in West Leederville (58 St Leonards Street; 08 9765 4321). It’s almost like 
an old corner shop but they’ve got a cute little terrace out the back. There’s nothing but houses around it so it feels like you’ve gone to your friend’s place.

And for a good coffee, go to…

Humblebee Coffee Roasters in Mount Hawthorn. They do a few croissants and doughnuts but they’re extremely passionate about their coffee – it’s pretty much all they do.

If you’re after a market experience, you can’t go past…

the Fremantle Markets, from Fridays to Sundays. 
Get the honey cake, because it’s absolutely delicious.

A Concierge's Guide to the Best of Perth

For designer shopping…

there are a couple of boutiques in Nedlands. One is called Coco & Lola and the other is Elle. You also get high-end international brands in King Street in the CBD.

And if you like vintage, head to…

Bluebird Vintage, in Wembley, which sells clothing, accessories, homewares and other bits and pieces. It’s a quirky little shop that makes you 
feel like you’ve gone back to the ’50s.

If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor experience…

there’s a company called Jetpack Perth on Rockingham Beach. You fly around with a jet pack but it’s water-based so the water jet sticks out and off you go. You’re about 10 metres off the water.

A Concierge's Guide to the Best of Perth

The best place for a memento is…

The Good Store in Victoria Park. It doesn’t have anything uniquely Perth but it does have unique gifts.

For a romantic experience, visit…

the Queens Gardens; it’s a small park with a couple of ponds. I’d suggest a picnic. The original bench from the movie Notting Hill is there.

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