The 55th-floor setting for Shannon Bennett’s Vue de monde is as show-stopping as his food. The architecturally designed dining room evokes the Australian landscape – the sculpture of tiny lights by Emma Lashmar above the tables represents fireflies – yet still manages to remain incredibly elegant. Yes, that is kangaroo leather stretched over the tables and salt and pepper hidden inside a rock. Bennett uses fine local ingredients – wallaby, eel, saltbush and pine mushrooms all appear on the menu when available – and the techniques of classical French cooking to conjure the epitome of modern Australian cuisine. It’s definitely special-occasion territory.


Collins is Melbourne’s designer shopping street (just keep heading further east). Nearby are also a number of other restaurants and bars and many of Melbourne’s famous laneways are within walking distance.

Vue de monde
Level 55, Rialto, 525 Collins Street | +61 3 9691 3888

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