The huge windows are crammed with items you might recognise from your childhood – metal advertising signs spruiking Shell Motor Oil, vinyl airline bags, kewpie dolls and 1950s party dresses with tulle petticoats. Inside the expansive space that is Vintage Garage, you’ll discover all sorts of treasures you never thought you’d need from more than 30 different traders. From anodised soda siphons to roughed-up leather bomber jackets, there’s all sorts of ephemera and fashion from the 1940s to the ’70s to sift through. If you’re looking for something specific, just ask one of the staff members who work from behind the dash of a converted vintage car.
318 Smith Street, Collingwood; +61 3 9077 9030

Slightly industrial and very cool, Collingwood’s a bit of a hotspot for unique boutiques and bars. Gertrude, Johnston and Smith are the best and busiest streets to wander.

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